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VP's team of experts brings valuable technical and lived experience and insights from various fields, This dynamic expertise allows VP to offer solutions tailored to the specific needs of partner organizations and the communities we serve.


Incorporate CDC's framework "Social Determinants of Health" into decision-making processes and service-delivery models.

This approach ensures that social, economic, and environmental factors are considered when providing services to diverse populations.

Capacity Building

Have a wishlist?


We can get it going with program development, workshops, trainings, and educational materials.

We prioritize cultural humility, removing systemic barriers, and stakeholder involvement.

Community  Empowerment

Elevate the unique needs and perspectives from the local community.

We empower community members through paid collaborative roles in our projects.

Subject Matter Expertise

Equity in

Data System

Workforce Development

Family Care

Community Outreach

Policy Advocacy

Perinatal Care


1 / First Consultation is Free

Meet with us for an hour to talk about your goals. We can help you decide if we are the best fit for you, or if we can recommend another organization that will serve you better.

2 / Standard Rate is $100 an Hour

For those who cannot afford our standard rate, we are happy to negotiate a more affordable price.

3 / Administrated Fee of 10%

Unless explicitly prohibited, we request a fee on all invoices and itemized expenses of 10% to cover the operating costs related to administrating your project.

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